Four Baskets

Catherine Lightfoot Martin, CPM

Peace on Earth Begins with Birth

I am a mother of two nature-loving, wild boys; partner to a wonderful man (and chef!);  and lover of the earth and sea.  I was a yoga teacher for 12 years before becoming a midwife and my family and I still love to incorporate that deep peace of movement and meditation in our daily lives. I love to sing, dance, garden, hike, snorkel, read and enjoy life and nature! But I’m most passionate about being a guardian of the sacred gate that we call birth; bearing witness to the awakening of a woman’s power; helping inform, heal and protect The Four Baskets- the time frame from conception to six hours after birth.

Although I am a certified midwife (since September 2016), I have also been trained in the ancient art of traditional midwifery and consider myself a wise woman of the woods. My skills include use of herbs, massage, song and yoga.

What are the Four Baskets?

ebook-coverThe Four Baskets refers to the time frames of conception, gestation, birth, and the first hours after birth- these time frames are the primary foundation of our lives (also called the prenatal and perinatal period.) The experiences we have during our Four Baskets become the lens through which we perceive the rest of our lives. If there was stress or trauma during any Basket it can create a pattern of stuck energy that we find ourselves repeating over and over throughout our lives. The Four Baskets is a process that brings awareness to these areas and can resolve or restore the blueprint of the primary foundation, so that life can proceed smoother with more clarity.

The Four Baskets e-book takes you on a personal journey of discovery for your own Four Baskets- the container of experiences for your conception, womb-time, birth and first hours after birth- with guideposts that can help you Reveal, Resolve and Restore your own journey as well as supporting your children’s Four Baskets.

Now you can purchase a digital copy of the Four Baskets e-book by sending a PayPal donation of $27, with the comment of “Four Baskets e-book”

Words of Love for Catherine Lightfoot and the Four Baskets

“I was so touched by every moment of this segment of this summit. From your opening song to your closing song, I don’t even have the words yet for how beautiful it was/you are. Thank you so much. I learned so much, in just this first session. I have gratitude and a full heart.” ~ NL 2021

“Someone wanted you, or you wouldn’t be here.” That’s a resource to keep!” ~ Vicky Jeter, PPNE

“Your heart is so huge. The women who work with you are blessed!” ~ LM 2021

“This was really incredible, the amount of information you have put together has been so helpful!” ~Alana 2020