It’s an ever-expanding part of our life… awareness.

And as my guru in India says, it’s the first and last step in spirituality… awareness.

I recently had a new awareness, a new connection about how my early life (our primal period from conception through hours after birth) is affecting my life.

In my day job recently I heard myself explaining to a colleague- “I’m sorry if I am jumping the gun on this, I just want to be sure that no one is waiting on me for anything!” And I felt that statement very deeply in my body- I want to be sure that no one is waiting on me.

I’ve known for quite some time as an adult that I have an issue with timeliness. My particular timeliness issue is that I do not like to be late…. in fact, I can’t be late. I will show up early and sit outside whenever possible! I want to be sure that no one is waiting on me.

Since my soul’s work- what I call the Four Baskets– is this exploration of our early experiences and influences on the foundation of our life, I often reflect on what is happening in my life now and trace it back to it’s roots in the primal period. What happened in my conception, gestation, birth, and my first hours after birth that is influencing what is happening now? And I remembered my mother telling me that I was ‘due’ to be born in late December, but my birthday is January 7th. When I felt into my body-sense-felt sense around that time-frame, I could feel that my mother was waiting on me every day after that ‘due date’…. for 10 days… As a midwife, I have seen and heard mothers in a similar situation- “Come on baby, when are you going to come?!” And my own son was ‘due’ on my birthday, but was born a full week later…. I remember the heaviness and helplessness of that week of waiting. I started out in this life as a people-pleaser (that’s another story for another day) and so even as a little one not yet born, I made the determination that it isn’t a good thing to make people wait…. It isn’t a good thing to be late…. And I wouldn’t ever put anyone through that again.

How are we imprinting our babies when we irrationally give them a ‘due date’? When we tell them they are ‘late’ or ‘early’?

When the truth is- Baby will come when baby is ready.

How empowering would it be for that to be the imprint we leave on our babies?

Are you curious about your Four Baskets? About your early life influences?

I invite you to take a self-awareness journey with me at

May your awareness grow wide as the Ozarks sky!

All my love, Catherine

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