Four Baskets- From Womb to World

Be welcomed as one of the first visitors to my new site…

The Four Baskets refers to the primal foundation time frames of Conception, Womb-time, Birth, and First six hours after birth- the prenatal and perinatal period- and what happens to us during those time frames become the core lens through which we perceive the rest of our lives.

For a limited time I am offering my Four Baskets e-course for Free!

What can you expect in the Four Baskets e-course?

  • Discover what has shaped your primary foundation
  • An opportunity to reflect and discover the experiences held within your Four Baskets and bring awareness to they have affected your life
  • How the Four Baskets can affect our life, work, relationships, birth and parenting
  • Where do we go from here?

Peace on Earth begins Before birth… if this seems strange to you, it is because we have been taught that babies in the womb can not think or feel or remember. But babies are sentient beings and have the same needs that we all have- primarily the need to love and be loved.

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