MorningStar Womyn Empowerment Award 2018

“Do not be afraid. Your baby will come.”

This annual award goes to a womyn who has birthed against the modern current and is empowered because of her birth. In addition, she has a plan for how to provide for and care for herself, her baby and family as the power shifts her previous life. This year’s award goes to Katya Perkova of Russia. Katya birthed her fifth child at home, 44 weeks and her precious baby girl weighed beyond the 12 lb scale. All of her children have been born at home – 1 breech daughter, one daughter born in Sinai with the Bedouins, 2 sons and now a third daughter. Beloved husband Phillip has been her constant believer and companion throughout. Welcome to our world Misha, Masha, Marisha, Makar and now Marfa.

Behold! The family photo also contains Marfa’s placenta tree.

“Do not be afraid. Your baby will come.” This was Katya’s message to Sister MorningStar when asked if she would accept this year’s award and give a message to our Community. Following is her written message in receipt of the 2018 Empowerment Award.

Dear Sister and Elders.
I’m a Woman and a Mother in this Universe.
And I have birthed in Power 5 times.
It was a Time of my Power, my Life Force and my Bliss.
As all Wimyn do. Before me and after. To keep the Sacred Birth in this Universe.
May it be so for every Mother on the Path.

~Katerina, mother of 5 children, November 11, 2018

Our Lightfoot Birth Elephant Circle in Hawaii send our Great Aloha to this amazing womyn and her family! Thank you for inspiring us!

From the rising of the sun to it’s setting. May the name of Katya be Praised!

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