Do you know the Elephant Circle?

In the wild, when an elephant-mama begins her birth journey… the other female elephants gather…. old and young they gather around the birthing mama and create a circle, facing outward to give her the necessary sense of privacy and protection that all mama’s need in order to bring new life into the world.  But that’s not all….

They don’t stand there only as stalwart sentinels on guard…. they step into the flow of the birth energy with her… moaning and swaying with her…. holding sacred space as only other wild, instinctual, powerful females can. Elephants are known to be amazingly compassionate creatures who also have the ability to express emotions in very human ways, even shedding tears.

Our birthing mamas deserve the respect of privacy and protection and if she desires, an elephant circle of supportive sisters….. come join us in the sacred circle… the Elephant Circle gathers when spirit calls for it… stay tuned.

my elephant circle painting
“The Elephant Circle” by Cat Lightfoot

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