Birth of a Placenta Orchard

The elephant circle of women held sacred ceremony today in honor of the First Mother, the placenta or ‘iewe….  one of our mamababys decided to gift their placenta to this land, and upon that gift a vision was born…

Women’s Garden and Placenta Orchard for our community to gather herbs, sit, meditate, and TalkStory~  Today we planted the first tree in the placenta orchard- a bronze loquat- in the East. I envision a placenta tree in each direction to anchor the space, with a bounty and plants and herbs that support women’s cycles, pregnancy and birth filling in the circle, and space for us to gather in the center! Please hold this vision with me….

To support gentle, peaceful, and natural pregnancy and birth in our community, by guiding women back home to their instinctual natures, to the earth and to the plants.

To create an herbal garden filled with plants useful during pregnancy and birth, anchored by fruit trees, and in the center a circular gathering area for our women’s circle to sit and ground on the earth. Our community of hapai women and new mothers will have access to gather herbs, meditate, as well as help tend the gardens. I see circles of women and babies sipping tea, sharing stories, breastfeeding, singing songs and nourishing ourselves on the ‘aina!

We now have 3 fruit trees each with a beautiful placenta buried underneath! The next steps are to create a concrete or paving stone circular sitting area in the center, and herbs around the perimeter filled with herbs such as mamaki (endemic Hawaiian nettles), comfrey, calendula, yarrow, lavender, motherwort, moringa, sage, passionflower, and many others!


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