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What are the Four Baskets?

The Four Baskets refers to the time frames of conception, gestation, birth, and the first hours after birth- these time frames are the primary foundation of our lives (also called the prenatal and perinatal period.) The experiences we have during our Four Baskets become the lens through which we perceive the rest of our lives. If there was stress or trauma during any Basket it can create a pattern of stuck energy that we find ourselves repeating over and over throughout our lives. The Four Baskets is a process that brings awareness to these areas and can resolve or restore the blueprint of the primary foundation, so that life can proceed smoother with more clarity.

The Four Baskets e-book takes you on a personal journey of discovery for your own Four Baskets- the container of experiences for your conception, womb-time, birth and first hours after birth- with guideposts that can help you Reveal, Resolve and Restore your own journey as well as supporting your children’s Four Baskets.

Four Baskets e-book is now available! Click HERE for more information

Catherine offers  a great sense of empowerment to pregnant and birthing families in all aspects of their care. Surrounded by supportive people of her own choosing in a comfortable and familiar environment, a woman may feel better able to express her natural and instinctual responses to birth. A home birth is less disruptive to family routines and parents can choose how to involve their children in the birth experience. I believe that women are in charge of their bodies and their births